Tips to Avoid the Cost of Frequent Fitness Equipment Servicing

Posted on July 20, 2018 By

Buying exercise equipment is a pretty big deal-it means you’re ready to commit yourself to getting into shape and living a healthier life. It’s important then to choose your equipment carefully so you won’t have to deal with the cost and down-time of having a repair service frequently come out and fix your fitness equipment. Let’s look at some basic tips on how to shop wisely and take good care of your purchase:

Tip #1: Brand names cost more, but are also less likely to break down.

You know the big names in the fitness industry-Bowflex, NordicTrack, TotalGym, Nautilus, and Weider to name a few. Now if you purchase exercise equipment from these brands, you’re likely to pay more than you would for an off-brand product. However, these companies also have a reputation to protect. They have been in the fitness industry for many years, and they are more likely to stand behind their products-in the form of high-quality parts, top-notch customer support, and extended warranties. This isn’t to say that you can’t buy less expensive equipment from another company, but you’ll have to be more careful and ask a lot of questions from the sales team to make sure that bargain really is a bargain.

Tip #2: If you’ll follow a simple maintenance schedule, you can fix small problems before they become big ones.

Most fitness equipment doesn’t fall to pieces all at once. Smaller problems that are left unchecked are what generally lead to major issues. My first suggestion is that you read the instruction manual. This will likely give you pointers on simple things you can do, like wiping dirt and sweat off the machine each evening. Also, in today’s high-tech world, equipment often has built-in sensors that monitor the performance of the machine and alert you whenever there is a potential problem. Even if a problem comes up that you can’t fix, calling out someone to service the machine before things get worse will save you some money.

While it’s true that over time any machine will begin to malfunction, it’s also true that there’s a lot you can do to maximise the amount of time between these breakdowns. You’ve taken a big step in creating a healthier you-if you’ll be sure to take good care of your equipment, it will take good care of you, too.